Grief and Loss Support Services

All Saints offers a ministry for those suffering from grief and loss through two services: Seasons and Horizons.

Seasons is a non-religious peer-support programme for people who have experienced a major loss in their lives. For children, parents and teens, groups are run both in local schools and from the All Saints Community Centre. They are nine weeks in length and are free.

For adults, there is a free six week course run at regular intervals.

Life Threatening Illness is an additional programme offered for those young people living with a sick parent or sibling. There is no charge for this programme. It is offered on an ad hoc basis, in response to need.

Horizons offers support to those suffering from grief and loss, in a number of ways: short-term support groups, individual counselling, referrals, resources and home visits.

For Seasons and Horizons queries, phone 533 0222 or 022 069 7384.

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Friends of Grief and Loss Support Services
All Saints Church offers support to those in the community suffering from grief and loss. The cost to operate these Grief and Loss Support Services is approximately $45,000 per annum. We fundraise every cent through applying to charitable trusts but in the current climate that has become increasingly difficult.

And so we ask your help.
We invite you to join Friends of Grief and Loss Support Services, Howick (GALSS).

We are seeking 100 individuals, families, businesses who would commit $100 each for a minimum of two years. Such donations are, of course, tax deductible as charitable donations. An anonymous family has committed to match the donations enabling GALSS to have a base funding of $20,000 each year.

Please help us make a difference. Simply download and print the attached form, fill it in and return it to the All Saints office.