Jan Park

Baptism Chaplain
Jan began life in Wellington as number four in a family of 13. Her father was an elder in the Brethren Church and this influenced her early life, teaching Sunday School in her teens and playing the piano-accordion with the Open Air Campaigners. She married Richard in 1963 and gave up work for a few years to bring up the first three daughters. They shifted to Auckland where the fourth and final daughter was born. Jan then became a teacher aide in the local primary school. In addition she was given the task of teaching English as a second language, before it became popular, and retired in 2013.

When the position of Baptism Chaplain became vacant in 1997, Jan was invited to take on that role and it has become her passion. Janís role is that of preparing candidates for baptism (or their parents in the case of a child). In doing so she forms important pastoral relationships with many families. Jan takes a lead role in the baptism service, in which the newly baptized are welcomed into the Christian Church.